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Vehicles eligible for cover

Covering both new vehicles and demo vehicles with a GVM of up to 3500kg, our plan ensures comprehensive protection for a wide range of Mahindra vehicles.

We make your journey easier

Our transferable plan, available at all Mahindra outlets, boosts resale value and ensures peace of mind. With options for various models, worry-free driving is guaranteed for every Mahindra owner.

Suitable for

M-Guard is ideal for both new and used demo vehicles, offering comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for all Mahindra owners

What are you Covered for:

With a M-Guard Plan, You are covered for the cost of parts and labour from an Authorised Repairing Dealer for any future routine maintenance like repairs required as a result of Fair Wear and Tear:

• Front Brake Pads
• Rear Brake Pads
• Rear Brake Shoes
• Front Brake Discs
• Rear Brake Discs
• Rear Brake Drums
• Front Shocks

• Rear Shocks
• Battery
• Light Bulbs
• Window Wipers
• Clutch & Release bearing
• Disc Skim
• Timing Chain & Tensioner

Project Plan Options

Duration of Cover

The cover will commence thirty (30) days after the date the Plan is purchased, being the date that Your first payment is received by Us, and will continue for a fixed period of time not exceeding five (5) years, or a fixed number of kilometres, as specified in Your Agreement Schedule.

Your Plan will automatically terminate when Your vehicle reaches 100 000 kilometres for Plan 1, or 140 000 kilometres for Plan 2, or after Your selected contract period as indicated in the Agreement Schedule has ended, whichever comes first.

For Us to cover Your vehicle for a M-Guard Plan, it must:
• be a New Vehicle.
• be a passenger, 4×4, or light commercial vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of under 3 500kgs.
• be a locally manufactured vehicle or a vehicle imported with a local Manufacturer’s or underlying mechanical warranty and service plan for the minimum duration of the M-Guard Agreement Schedule.
•be in a sound mechanical condition.
•be roadworthy.
• have a full-service history.

For cover to be effective for any one of these M-Guard Plans, Your vehicle must not:
• be a taxi, a rental vehicle, an exotic vehicle, a rebuilt vehicle (Code 3), a modified vehicle or a vehicle that is, or has been used in any form of racing, motoring competition, sport or track days.
• have more than 20 000 kilometres on the odometer or be older than 1 year at Effective Date of the M-Guard Plan.

If You do not have a full service history, We will require Your vehicle to undergo a service and inspection prior to this Agreement being active. We will confirm this at the time You purchase Your Plan. Please note, You may take out only one Plan for Your Covered Vehicle at any one time.

Our Obligation

If You carry out all Your obligations in terms of this Agreement, we will:
• authorise covered repair work promptly.
• advise You, through the Authorised Repairing Dealer, if any of the required repair work is not covered
• pay the Authorised Repairing Dealer for the covered repair work completed to Your satisfaction.

Your obligation

You must ensure that You comply with the following conditions of Your cover: • use only an Authorised Repairing Dealer for any MGuard Plan repair.
• arrange for any preventative maintenance to be carried out in good time and ensure the Covered Vehicle remains roadworthy at all times.
• service and maintain the Covered Vehicle at the correct intervals, at an Authorised Repairing Dealer and as indicated in the manufacturer’s handbook.
• check the engine oil, automatic transmission fluid and coolant levels, and the tyre pressure every 800 kilometres, or every two weeks, whichever comes first.
• keep Your Covered Vehicle in good condition and ensure it is not neglected, abused or misused.
• in the event of a failure, make every effort to prevent additional damage.
• store the Covered Vehicle for any extended period asset out in the manufacturer’s handbook.
• ensure the Covered Vehicle’s odometer is not tampered with or unsealed. If this does happen, You must notify Us in writing and arrange for the Covered Vehicle to be repaired by an Authorised Repairing Dealer. We will estimate the kilometres travelled during any period that the odometer is out of order. Any costs to repair or seal the odometer will be for Your account; and
• allow Us or Our representatives to inspect the Covered Vehicle from time to time, and as required.
• You may not: – use the Covered Vehicle for racing or motoring competitions, carrying fare-paying passengers or for driver tuition.

Making a Claim

If Your Covered Vehicle requires emergency repair work after hours and You are not able to get Our authorisation, then You should pay for the required work at the Authorised Repairing Dealer and ensure that the invoice is made out to Us. Provided the repair work is covered under. Your M-Guard Plan and You have informed Us of the repair by the next working day, We will repay the cost of repair up to the Covered Amount. We will not pay any claims that You have not informed Us of within 5 working days of the incident unless the claim is the subject of a pending legal action. We will also not pay any claims where the Covered Vehicle is covered by another policy, warranty or other insurance which provides the same or similar benefits to Your Plan. For any claims that are rejected, the following conditions will apply:
• You will have 90 days after receiving notice of the rejection to lodge a dispute with the Administrator.
• should You so wish, You will have a period of 180 days after lodging your complaint to institute legal proceedings against the Administrator.
• if You do not institute legal proceedings and issue summons against the Administrator within this timeframe, You will forfeit the right to challenge rejection; and
• during this time, You must uphold all of Your obligations as detailed in this Agreement and the Agreement Schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your cover, please refer to What You Are Covered For or contact Our customer service agents on 0860 267 267, weekdays between 8am and 5pm, who will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, email us at: Mahindraqueries@AAWarranties.co.za and we’ll get back to you.