S6 Mining Spec

This carrier is tough enough to move your business needs and ready to take on any challenge standing in your way. With impressive load capacity, ground clearance, and a whole host of features focused on safety, you can enjoy a mobile workhorse that can go the distance with ease and take your business anywhere and everywhere it needs to go.
With convenient accessibility for loading and a cargo net to keep your essentials secure, there can be nothing left standing in the way of productivity. Drive in absolute comfort, style, and safety while you get to work and comprehensive technology designed to keep you and your cargo safe and secure on the move.


Exterior Features


In the unlikely event of a collision, external roll over protection adds an extra layer of protection. 
Designed to prevent rolling and keep your vehicle secure when stopped. 
Reverse in any tight space with the assistance of the rear buzzer.

Side Impact Protection Bars and Cargo Net


Safety comes standard with side impact protection bars in the event of collision.
Keep almost any type of load safe and secure on the road with  a durable cargo net.


Seat Belt Reminders And Cruise Control


Vehicles comes standard with a warning signal if vehicle occupants have forgotten to fasten their seatbelts. 
Ensure a smooth drive on longer trips with the automatic cruise control function.  



Enjoy the drive with air-conditioning to ensure comfortable internal temperatures.  

Exterior Features


Ensure perfect vision on dark roads, no matter where you are. 
Stay visible on the road with style.

Heavy Duty Seat Covers


Robust seat covers to ensure less wear and tear overtime. 

First Aid & COVID Kit


Packed with essential items to treat minor injuries, fast. 
The COVID kit- to sanitise yourself and your equipment.

Cab Type- Double Cab (Single cab can be requested)


Choose between a standard Double Cab or a Single Cab if desired. 

210mm Ground Clearance


Drive smoothly over dirt tracks and uneven roads with 210mm ground clearance. 

Towing Capacity 2.5T


Easily pulls trailers with carry capacity over 2000kg.

Fire Extinguisher


Be prepared wherever you go, with a 5kg fire extinguisher.
Keep your load-bin protected from scratches and rust when travelling. 

Driver and Passanger Airbags


Protection comes standard with driver and passenger airbags.

Wheel Nut Indicators, ABS and, EBD


Avoid loose wheel nuts and loose wheels with Wheel Nut Indicators.
Avoids lock-up’s and stay on track with ABS and EBD braking technology.

2.2D- 103kW, 320Nm


Package comes standard with a 2.2D, 103kW, 320Nm Diesel Engine. 
Ensure increased traction and stability, perfect for adverse weather conditions or uneven roads. 
Go further for less with 7.7 liters per 100 km fuel consumption. 

Pricing and Specification



R499 999

(incl VAT)