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The new Mahindra Mzanzi mobile application will give you the ease of managing your vehicle at your fingertips. Book your appointments online, compare the menu pricing, locate your Mahindra West Rand, their panel beating shop, give feedback, maintain a logbook and many more. Come, let’s do it Mahindra way. iOS coming soon.


Get complete peace of mind with a Mahindra approved service plan, which uses genuine Mahindra spares, parts, and Maximile Oil. Prices are protected for the next three years, regardless of inflation. These service plans are designed to be flexible so that you can join even after the purchase of your vehicle. Having a complete service history helps with hassle-free settlement of the warranty, in addition to enhancing resale value.

View our list of comprehensive service plans for each of our vehicles below.

Model Service Plans Cost
2.5 NEF DE SC 4X2 MT Loader 3 YRS / 60 000KM R 16 999,00
2.5 NEF DE SC 4X2 MT Flatbed / Dropside 3 YRS / 60 000KM R 16 999,00
2.5 NEF DE SC 4X2 MT 3 YRS / 60 000KM R 16 999,00
2.5 NEF DE SC 4X4 MT 3 YRS / 60 000KM R 17 999,00
2.5 NEF DE DC 4X2 MT 3 YRS / 60 000KM R 16 999,00
2.5 NEF DE DC 4X4 MT 3 YRS / 60 000KM R 17 999,00
BMT 4X2 MT Loader 3 YRS / 60 000KM R 16 999,00
Genio Pick Up
2.2 mHawk DE SC 4X2 MT Chassis Cab 3 YRS / 60 000KM R 16 999,00
2.2 mHawk DE SC 4X2 MT 3 YRS / 60 000KM R 16 999,00
2.2 mHawk DE SC 4X2 MT Flatbed/ Dropside 3 YRS / 60 000KM R 16 999,00
2.2 mHawk DE DC 4X2 MT 3 YRS / 60 000KM R 16 999,00
Scorpio Pik Up 2.5 NEF DE SC 4×2 MT Loader 3 YRS / 60 000KM R 17 999,00
Mahindra Pik Up 2.2 mHawk SC 4×2 S4 5 YRS / 90 000KM R 18 999,00
KUV 1OO K4+ NXT 3 YRS / 50 000KM R 11 499,00
Thar 3 YRS / 60 000KM R 19 999,00
prices inclusive of VAT


Enjoy peace of mind motoring by using MAHINDRA GENUINE PARTS. These parts are designed and tested for your Mahindra and comes with a Warranty of 6 months or 10000 kms whichever occurs earlier. MAHINDRA GENUINE PARTS will ensure outstanding level of fit and function for optimum performance, safety and protection. Our Parts prices ensures lowest Cost of Ownership and maintenance as can be seen from the table below. We welcome your feedback.
ItemBolero MaxiTruckBolero NEFGenioXyloScorpio Pik-Up NEFScorpio Pik-Up mHawkScorpio SUVKUV100 PetrolKUV100 DieselTUV300XUV500
FILTER CARTRIDGE – OILR135.00R135.00R135.00R135.00R135.00R135.00R135.00R150.15R150.15R150.15R135.00
FILTER CARTRIDGE – FUELR523.76R141.00R886.83R886.83R141.61R886.83R886.83R177.27R523.76R523.76R886.83
FILTER ELEMENT – AIRR330.00R330.00R400.00R400.00R400.00R400.00R390.01R300.00R300.00R400.00R390.01
FILTER ELEMENT – POLLENR109.91R250.00R250.00R250.00R250.00R32.41R32.41R200.08R342.87
GLOW/SPARK PLUG EACHR0.00R360.71R458.88R360.71R360.71R458.88R458.88R112.72R495.51R458.88R458.88
WIPER BLADE RHR43.89R43.89R62.70R62.70R62.70R62.70R62.70R326.43R326.43R312.34R198.67
WIPER BLADE LHR43.89R43.89R94.05R94.05R62.70R62.70R62.70R350.38R350.38R291.20R151.71
WIPER BLADE REARR112.72R147.48R185.99R185.99R234.37R238.13
BRAKE PAD KIT – FRONTR995.00R995.00R995.00R995.00R995.00R995.00R1,600.00R1,600.00R1,600.00R1,600.00R1,600.00
BRAKE PAD/SHOE KIT – REARR1,100.00R1,350.00R1,350.00R1,350.00R1,350.00R1,350.00R1,350.00R1,350.00R700.01R1,350.00R1,250.00


We have approved accessories for a number of our vehicles. If you want to download a pdf with the list of approved accessories, you can do so by clicking on the vehicle below.



There are some amazing applications available for a number of our vehicles. You can download them by clicking on the icon related to your mobile device and your vehicle.





If you are looking for a Mahindra Part, let us know which parts you require and for which vehicle. Our parts department will contact you with the price and stock availability.


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Road Side Assist

Every New Mahindra vehicle comes with Roadside assistance along with the warranty of the vehicle, supported by the AA. For more details please contact us.


Your Mahindra is assured to be in the Safe hands at a Mahindra West Rand. We  have competent and trained technical staff to meet your needs using Mahindra genuine parts to for Quality repairs. Also available at selected dealers, get quality service in less time with  service. Service whilst you wait! Contact us and book your time slot for your  service.